Here's our list of Top 5 MUST-HAVE Travel Gear in 2021!

January 2, 2021


Let's face it, there's no such thing as "TOO MUCH" gear, but sometimes it's tough deciding what we should bring.

We've seen countless lists like ours but to keep it a buck, about half the stuff they tell ya to carry is ABSOLUTELY pointless.

Our list is for content creators or simply for the everyday traveler that actually has USEFUL stuff.

So here's our list...

1. Camera backpack

Okay we're starting super basic but without a solid camera bag, carrying your stuff becomes a living hell...

The most important thing to provide you with TOTAL PEACE OF MIND is next-level organization. You know that feeling where you just know where EVERYTHING is? It feels great doesn't it? The reason why this is helpful is because we tend to overthink things, we ask ourselves "wait did I really pack my extra batteries?" but with a solid camera bag, this worry goes out the window!

Here's a solid one for your peace of mind

2. Tripod

Okay now this one you'd think is obvious but you'd be surprised how much people DON'T carry a tripod with them at all times, like I always said; "I'd rather get caught with one than without one..."

The reason why is simple, if you're a solo traveler you don't always have someone to shoot photos of you. The solution? A solid tripod, with a ball head so you can capture the SICKEST 360 degree angles.

A solid tripod should have the following things:

- Lightweight and Compact (The Mefoto backpacker tripod shown in the photo weights 3 pounds and is only 13 inches folded.)

- Spiked feet (So you can get sturdier shots in the grass or in snow settings)

- Solid load capacity (Chances are your camera rig is heavy, so make sure your tripod can handle it.)

3. Metal Water-bottle

Carrying a water-bottle that ACTUALLY keeps your drinks cold is CLUTCH.

The best part is it works for any other liquids like hot soup or even coffee. Our favorite is the YETI Rambler 36oz, perfect for everyday carry.

 4. Removable Camera Insert Packs

If you're like me, you're a mess at packing. I like to keep my camera gear and clothing separate and in ONE bag, that's why the Captain pack is so great!

You get total freedom to remove the insert and use the full capacity for all your clothing or use the two bags together in a versatile 2 in 1 travel system, perfect for the modern content creator and explorer! 

5. 16" Macbook Pro and Extra Batteries!

Finally a camera backpack that can fit a 16" laptop with all your camera gear and clothing ALL in ONE backpack!

The future is looking bright lads...

Another thing I always bring with me is extra batteries for my cameras and chargers for all my gear!

You can grab it here